Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little updates to the few people that read this ;)

1. Going to richmond, VA this weekend... therefore, there will be no posts until monday. not really anything out of the ordinary.

2. I'm giving this blog a make-over hopefully... no really... but the end of January

3. I'm thinking about switching to another platform and getting my own webspace.

4. Also I want to have more of a set topic or series of topics to write about on here. I'll let you know what comes up :)

5. Check out this guy's daily photo project he did for EIGHT, yes EIGHT years. I'd feel a little conceited after the first week. ;) * P.S. this guy put some annoying laser sounding music noise in the background. soooo I'd turn that down if you wanna keep your sanity for the duration of the video :) *

Anyway, have an amazing weekend! I know I will! XD

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Cedar said...

You should get your own is such an amazing feeling having your own .com address!

Have a wonderful weekend!