Thursday, January 31, 2008

my heart is basically knocking on my head with a large wooden mallet... I'll explain in a post later tonight.

but for now... class :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heath Andrew Ledger :: April 4th, 1979 - January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger, as many of you know already, died this past Tuesday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm. He was officially pronounced dead around 3:34pm in his Soho apartment. Toxicity tests still have to come back from testing to tell us if overdose is really what happened to Ledger. I am so saddened by this. Heath Ledger was my favorite actor for the past ten years. I had him first plaster all over my school notebooks and all like... well... a little school girl but as he started to get more mature roles i realized how AMAZING of an actor he was. How humble he stayed and how beautiful of a person he was. No matter what people will say about him and regardless of his situation of how he died... I will always stick by him. I had even written a very fired up letter to John Gibson about his crude remarks about ledger. I'll post it later if its even relevant... but Gibson half heartedly apologized later. It was so half-a$$ed that I, along with hundreds of other fans, didn't even appreciated it. Ledger... He was amazing. I've had friends who weren't even huge fans of him say they felt "weird" that he was dead. It is weird. I am so saddened. Really. Its just weird to not be able to look forward to his daring roles anymore and just... admire him while he is living as a father, son, and actor. My prays go out to his family. I am so so saddened. I know what its like to lose someone close to me. I am so sorry to his friends and family and the acting community. Even though I had no idea how you really truly were, you inspired me to do the things that truly make me happy. I am honored to even be just a fan of yours. You will be missed Heath Andrew Ledger.

Sorry guys its been awhile. I've been swamped with school work... and looking up news on Heath every five minutes on google since other Heath sites have experienced internet meltdown since his death.

P.S. Hey if you live in Perth or the NY area, please respect Heath's family in this time. And for any gossip website please don't put up pictures of his funeral or memorial services. I've seen websites where they have put those up and have to click the "x" on the left hand corner of my mac. Its so sad and disgusting people thrive off of that. Someone that we love is in that box. not breathing. not moving. Not anything. Please respect his family and have Heath leave this earth peacefully.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm back but I've been swamped with make up work for school. its 11:30pm and i just started on my 12 pages of french... ugh

but please listen! beautiful music!!!

*UPDATE*This song is also featured in the new macbook air ad... thats where I originally found it and fell in love... But holy crap, the manila envelope, if you can believe it... is a real carrying case. Through (okay, shut up. I'm a nerd) I found the people that actually make it. it retails at $29.95 and you can order it here. It ships in two weeks-three weeks or so, just about the same time the macbook air ships to stores and homes.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little updates to the few people that read this ;)

1. Going to richmond, VA this weekend... therefore, there will be no posts until monday. not really anything out of the ordinary.

2. I'm giving this blog a make-over hopefully... no really... but the end of January

3. I'm thinking about switching to another platform and getting my own webspace.

4. Also I want to have more of a set topic or series of topics to write about on here. I'll let you know what comes up :)

5. Check out this guy's daily photo project he did for EIGHT, yes EIGHT years. I'd feel a little conceited after the first week. ;) * P.S. this guy put some annoying laser sounding music noise in the background. soooo I'd turn that down if you wanna keep your sanity for the duration of the video :) *

Anyway, have an amazing weekend! I know I will! XD

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I have this new.. well renewed... love of wearing white. I feel a lot more light and a lot cleaner. I'm making it a new thing to wear white every sunday just to keep that in my week... Time to get more v-neck shirts anyway ;) I'm going to try American Apparel. Has anyone tried their deep v-necks?

Flirting. its fun. try it :)

Victoria Beckham's book That Extra Half an Inch beautiful pictures of this beauty queen and excellent advice... I mean of course she's a little bit on the extravagant side but who cares ;) She's a mother, a wife, a designer, and a freaking SPICE GIRL. They were my first concert by the way... I think i about freaked out. ;)

the singer, Sia. She is amazing!!! Listen to her song in the post below and then her song "little black sandals" and just close your eyes and enjoy :) Also, the childish design on her page shows off her quirkiness and playfulness as an artist. I love it when they can keep their music as play and not as work.

Looking forward to trips and seeing people makes your life a little more interesting. Need cheap tickets? Try looking at jetblue or skybus for tickets to certain cities. I recently bought a 4 day trip to Richmond, VA for only 60 bucks round-trip from Skybus. Don't freak out, the airlines are legit and safe. I flew to San Diego earlier this past summer and they still have the same cramped seats like every other plane. ha! But I will write a review after this weekend for all you guys that may be interested in using Skybus.

Building a library of books you truly enjoy. Trashy, Useful, Funny, Serious, whatever! No book is a waste. Go on and read reviews of books you are interested in pursuing before your purchase. *Bonus points to whomever buys me stuff off my amazon wishlist... I will love you foreverrrrr!!*

My new imac. 24 inch beautiful, vibrant, and gigantic screen. I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular 15" screen. :) Apple freaking rocks.

John Krasinski from the office... *heart flutters* He's funny, he's cute, AND he's 6'3". I think the tall girl (me) is in love. Please don't tell me I'm too old to have celebrity crushes. ;) Cause then i'll have bad news to tell John and Heath Ledger... and Sufjan Stevens... and Owen Wilson... and Joaquin Pheonix... and...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ear Candy. Please listen and enjoy the beautiful concept and artistry of this video.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So my new years was interesting.

I feel like I definitely need to start on some things. Not cause of the new year but just in general I feel that way that something has to happen.

Had a really good conversation last night too... so that made me realize how much I am of worth. Its pretty sweet to realize you are more than enough.