Thursday, March 27, 2008

cross your fingers for me. I just sent in my resume to a magazine for an intership. ahhhhh

some surfing action for you guys :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 I like em. :)

I freaking hate school

french book: $123.99
comm books: $160 together (thankfully i found out i wont have to pay for one)
stylebook: $14
design: $15 (thankfully she didn't make us buy the actual textbooks... which would of totaled OVER 250 for ALL)
printer toner: $40.87
index cards: $5
notebooks/paper: $6

some of them aren't all that much... but when you have other externalities like gas, food, and misc things like that... it gets to be a lot. hey me, welcome to the real world. UGH.

(If thats even in my future, let's pray that it's a possibility :) cause I want someone to shower with tlc and don't have to have an excuse to do it!) ... So if it is... this is what i want to accomplish beforehand

1. Travel for awhile and visit all my friends that I have not seen in awhile. I have a lot of cool friends just living out of the America or within the states.... but about 3 or so states away... so needless to say I don't see them often.
2. Have my art in a gallery. Doesn't have to be dedicated to just me, although that would be nice. I need to perfect my techniques and really churn out some good pieces. I'm my biggest handicap... I need to actually start producing pieces again.
3. Start writing a book or compiling my journals to create some story about me, or a character like me. I don't know. I feel different than a lot of people and if people saw excerpts from my journal... maybe I would be able to find people to relate to.
4. Learn to wakeboard... well. :)
5. Learn guitar and learn to songwrite.
6. buy something to completely spoil myself and not worry about if it is going to affect my joint checking account or upset my spouse. :)
7. Take a road-trip/beach-trip/any-kind-of-lets-get-outta-here-trip with friends.
8. Make one large mistake and learn from it. I don't know what. I just know that God has stuff planned for me and I'm just kind of sitting here twiddling my thumbs and living it out... I always learn from what He hands to me.
9. Make a documentary out of that trip in number 7.
10. buy my first house/apartment.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

amazing new commercial. it's all slow motion camera

1. The sunshine and breeze that you feel on your face is not going to give you a windburn that cracks your face off.
2. flip flops. sandals. itty bitty ballet flats. HELLO! you get to wear cute shoes.
3. The smell of greeness. of mulch. of flowers (lilies are my favorite... so to anyone that wants brownie points with me... ahem) mmmmm so good.
4. The birds singing, it makes me smile :)
5. the oval during Spring Quarter at OSU. Okay, so I don't like the hundreds of bikini clad girls.... but throwing a frisbee on the oval is good fun
6. No more running mascara cause I rode my bike in -15 degree weather to get to class on time! I can ride it while enjoying the breeze!
7. Leaving for class a half hour to an hour early with a blanket to lay on because you know if you go through the oval (which you will if you go to class) you're going to see your friends and want to hang out with them.
8. Baby animals during the spring. The mirror lake ducks have like 945349285943243985423 babies that follow them everywhere and then there is "single-with-cute-puppy-to-attract-half-naked-cooing-girls" guy. FYI guys with puppies, none of the girls are really interested in you. They just want to play with the dog.
9. Gallery Hops in the Short North, so much more enjoyable when its warm out!
10. finally... SOME consistency. With winter... you get like 20 inches of snow one day and then its 70 degrees the next. with spring it's either sunny or rainy... but warm!

Friday, March 21, 2008

... Okay so I do not live completely alone. I have three other roommates, but they are all gone on spring break!!! Sigh, I'm so jealous of them vacationing while I have to work in Columbus... boo. But I get the house to myself! Even if its just for a few days! Yipee! Don't lie people, if you have roommates, you secretly are gleeful when you have the entire crib to yourself! Here are some of the reasons I'm excited to have a place of my own someday (although, I will miss the constant company I have had the past three years... but people will always be welcome to come over!).

1. Not doing to dishes right away. I usually hate dirty dishes in the sink... but with no roomies, I don't feel obligated to clean them up asap. hehe
2. not having to close the bathroom door to do your business. ha! Sometimes i have to pee so bad that I can't be bothered with closing and locking the door so no one walks in on me. Women look so miserable and vulnerable squatting on the toilet. :P
3. Blasting my music. Okay I do that anyway to piss off our noisy neighbors next door... but I rather like having my music sounding all through the house without actually taking it downstairs.
4. Vegging on the couch and watching tv without worrying if I'll disturb precious college study time
5. walking around in your skivvies or less... yea, i said it. you enjoy it too! i mean, you're freaking free as a bird! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

... playing with photoshop destresses you. :)

yay for photoshop tutorials. is a pretty sweet site.

i'm calm now that my finals are almost done. just one more speech on Thursday and I can breathe for a week! yay!

and speaking of happy, this commercial makes me smile. Oh axe body spray...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It shocks me how much stuff is made with conflict. Conflict with animals, conflict with people, and conflict with countries. Although I hated, despised, loathed my anthropology class; it was pretty eye opening to see what was going on in other parts of the world. I have found different websites that show the practices of different corporations or websites that give a real view of what countries are going through to build their economy.

I would love to consume without conflict. Does anyone know of cool, good quality companies that do not test on animals, exploit labor, etc. and still have beautiful things? Its really all about price because I'm a student... but I feel I'm more willing now to cough up the cash if it means no one was hurt in the process - human or non.

P.S. there is 15 inches of snow here in Columbus! Anyone else hit by the storm?! Mind you, it was 70 degrees on Monday last week. It's now Sunday and its a total of 18 degrees. Oh Columbus! I am so confused by you.

Here are some pictures taken by one of my co-workers:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have considered myself a vegetarian for about 5-6 years now... I had begun to forget what my reasoning was behind my decision to stop eating meat. I remember I stopped due to animals rights. I found this one quote where vegetarianism is a form of saving those who cannot save themselves. I agree.

So, I have this vegetarian speech I have to give to my class next week and I chose that topic because I thought it would be easy-peasy and go over without a bump, hump, or pebble along the way. How wrong I was. I remember how I was so passionate about it before and now I have become kind of apathetic towards it. As much of a growing foodie I am, I am still not taking into consideration how much went into my food. I would not be able to argue my case effectively if provoked. I've just seemed to become that person who is a vegetarian "because," and not because of any other reason. I sometimes have been scared to say "animal rights brought me to my diet" when people ask because I'm scared of being mocked. I freaking need to grow a backbone. Animal rights is what brought me to my diet people.

What made me fired up again was a website I was surfing for my project. They had pictures that no one could make up or photoshop. Cows with injected udders so big, they could not walk correctly and ended up with their own feces on their udders because it projected so far out. Chickens with their beaks soldered off to prevent them from pecking each other to death, but then preventing them from pecking at their food as well... thus making them starve slowly to death. By then slaughter is merciful and a God send. Pigs caged in by bars so they could not move... to make them more tender. How thoughtful. What made me really sick, as a extreme advocate of riding and horses, I was so saddened how mares (female horses over four years of age) are impregnated to make Premarin and have their foals used as a delicacy. Ugh, the pictures are too graphic for me to post.

Cruelty like this does not only extend to livestock but your pets as well. Cats, well this one was a kitten, are burned alive (don't believe me, go here. I literally cried at my desk for like a half hour yesterday), dogs are eaten and beaten by rods, rabbits are tested on for skin irritation tests, and animals like foxes and raccoon dogs are skinned ALIVE. F CKING ALIVE. They still STRUGGLE to live and get away as their face is RIPPED OFF and their SKIN is TORN for their precious fur. The most violent thoughts come into my head when seeing these people that kill these animals. I just want to hurt them so badly for inflicting violence upon something that cannot protect itself. Do their sounds of agony not disturb them? Their last attempts and efforts to struggle up onto their feet? People making me sick. I was thinking the other day, "wow humans ruin everything," and then I realized I am human too.

I hate our species.

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel." is what Proverbs 12:10 says. A lot of my Christian friends say that animals were given to us to be eaten. Yes but not beaten and tortured to that extent. I honestly do no know how you can say you have compassion and love everything and everything when you are in your faith. It pisses me off. Yea I have compassion.... as long as its only my pet. F ck you on that note. seriously. Its about the only time I'll really be angry with you. This topic goes onto so many others but I just don't understand people.

"[...] Because I try not to judge, but I really don't understand the notion of a pro-capitalist, pro-death penalty, pro-war Christian. To me, that just seems like a vegetarian who eats a burger." - Moby May 2006 Relevant

I'm all fired up again. I think this speech is what I needed.

Oops. Maybe I shouldn't of posted those. Maybe I did.

What Now?
>> has great resources, recipes, and even a vegetarian starter kit to get you thinking about a vegetarian diet.
>> shows the insane cruelty shown upon the creatures on the earth. Doesn't extend to just livestock. Theres mice, rabbits, orcas, dogs, and cats as well.
>> shows different vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurants around the whole world!