Sunday, January 6, 2008

I have this new.. well renewed... love of wearing white. I feel a lot more light and a lot cleaner. I'm making it a new thing to wear white every sunday just to keep that in my week... Time to get more v-neck shirts anyway ;) I'm going to try American Apparel. Has anyone tried their deep v-necks?

Flirting. its fun. try it :)

Victoria Beckham's book That Extra Half an Inch beautiful pictures of this beauty queen and excellent advice... I mean of course she's a little bit on the extravagant side but who cares ;) She's a mother, a wife, a designer, and a freaking SPICE GIRL. They were my first concert by the way... I think i about freaked out. ;)

the singer, Sia. She is amazing!!! Listen to her song in the post below and then her song "little black sandals" and just close your eyes and enjoy :) Also, the childish design on her page shows off her quirkiness and playfulness as an artist. I love it when they can keep their music as play and not as work.

Looking forward to trips and seeing people makes your life a little more interesting. Need cheap tickets? Try looking at jetblue or skybus for tickets to certain cities. I recently bought a 4 day trip to Richmond, VA for only 60 bucks round-trip from Skybus. Don't freak out, the airlines are legit and safe. I flew to San Diego earlier this past summer and they still have the same cramped seats like every other plane. ha! But I will write a review after this weekend for all you guys that may be interested in using Skybus.

Building a library of books you truly enjoy. Trashy, Useful, Funny, Serious, whatever! No book is a waste. Go on and read reviews of books you are interested in pursuing before your purchase. *Bonus points to whomever buys me stuff off my amazon wishlist... I will love you foreverrrrr!!*

My new imac. 24 inch beautiful, vibrant, and gigantic screen. I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular 15" screen. :) Apple freaking rocks.

John Krasinski from the office... *heart flutters* He's funny, he's cute, AND he's 6'3". I think the tall girl (me) is in love. Please don't tell me I'm too old to have celebrity crushes. ;) Cause then i'll have bad news to tell John and Heath Ledger... and Sufjan Stevens... and Owen Wilson... and Joaquin Pheonix... and...

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Cedar said...

I need to pick up a copy of That Extra Half an Inch! I am dying to read it!!

I just came across your blog here, lots of fun stuff, keep up the good work!!