Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important."

My two things on doing well in school exams and tests.
1. just do the dang work already.
2. It's going to be okay.

What are three inevitable things about you? I saw this question on a meme blog and I was just thinking about it. There some things that we do... inevitably... and without reason. What do I do?

It is inevitable that I...

1.) will probably spill open to you. I just can't trust my emotions to stay cooped up inside of me. I just start having thoughts talk back and forth to each other if I stay bottled up. Its just in my nature to talk. I trust you a lot if I can tell you really deep things, obviously.

2.) will probably procrastinate or forget something... or lose something. Funny, I'm hardly EVER late... but I will always forget something at home. I will always loose my keys. I will always procrastinate on homework.

3.) will let you down. I've had so many friends let me down and leave me. I will never leave my friends unless they are hurting me but I know that I am human. I will not be able to go and do everything for and with you. I'd love to. but I have a tendency to spread myself out too thin and in turn let people down. So, don't be offended if I cannot do something. Its mainly because I don't want to hurt anyone.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


yes. Sea Wolf. love :)

Needless to say... i was really happy when my Relevant came in the mail today.

After the academy awards this weekend... that I did not watch... I have still decided to list the ten movies I have not seen... but want to like whoa! both old and new. :)

1. Juno
2. Definitely, Maybe.
3. The Darjeeling Limited (its waiting to be opened... tomorrow!)
4. Into the Wild
5. Motorcycle Diaries
6. Secretary
7. I'm Not There
8. The Golden Compass
9. Across the Universe
10. Amelie

P.S. happy birthday to my friend Jimmy, he's 21 today!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time to write another thank you :)

photo (that I cropped a teensy bit) by rae barnes


Summer of 2005 is when I met you in the Kitchen of Saranac Village and I was just so excited and drawn in by your lively personality and your enthusiasm. I mean you were so excited to be showing us all the different parts of the kitchen and I was, at first, not excited I was going to be cooking for a whole month... Now I would die without cooking a good meal... who knew!

But I honestly appreciate you a ton. I feel like you are an incredibly old soul but you're so ready to move onto good, new, and way better things. I'm really stoked for you that you've moved and you're just not afraid of what God is going to put in your hands. I see a guy that is just totally confident in what God is providing and promising. I am bummed that I cannot visit you and see you for the first time in, what is it? Two years? Way too long! I love our phone conversations and how you totally help me through my doubts. You are a saving grace sometimes when I am feeling down. We'll totally hang out in Wilmington soon and try to surf and just be total beach bums. I totally think that is our calling, my friend! :)

But I want to thank you for being my friend and keeping in contact with me since my work crew session has ended. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend and I am so glad that I can relate to you and you to me. You definitely encourage me to learn more about our Creator and to learn more about the world. If I ever want to read something new, recommend a new read, or most of the time ask what to read and what to learn.. you definitely have an answer. I love that you don't think I am a huge nerd for reading! I mean you can't, you kinda went to school for that. haha! But yea, you're awesome and I thank God for you being in my life. You're sweet... you're a sweetHEART... you're talented and just an amazing friend. Thanks so much, you're awesome :)


P.S. to any readers, check out rae's website (its the website under brett's picture)! She is a wonderful girlie I met this past summer through one of my summer staff bosses, Chris (Rae is Chris's wifey :P) and her photography is just as wonderful! I mean who doesn't like seeing pictures of people captured being in love! :} Barnes is based in the Adirondack Region of New York... so if you know of people getting married or you're getting married... contact her! she's so creative!! GO GO GO!

Obviously as you can see I put up a new layout for march. I still need to put up links and finish up the bottom a little bit. But, meh, it'll stay for now. I need some ideas for the header... I want to put myself into it and more images but I'm lazy... and I have no recent pictures of myself.

I am a freaking baking addict... Heck, just kitchen addict. I love how kitchen utensils look and what they can do. I swear, I'm going to have the most p-i-m-p kitchen next to Emeril or Paula Dean. haha! The past couple days I've made raspberry-banana bread and big, fat, chewy heathbar cookies... cause I didn't have chocolate chips... and I'm not a fan of chocolate anyway. Follow the links and try out these recipes for yourselves... The raspberry-banana bread was okay... needed more flavor.. It was a "healthy" version of the bread so of course I didn't add butter or oil... but it still surprisingly came out moist... a little crunchy on the outside but good inside... my roommates liked it.. it was gone by the end of the day. When I came downstairs in the morning, there was just one end piece left. I rule in the kitchen!!

Snow. In Ohio there is a lot of it. I'm kind of tired of this white stuff. But I was walking to French yesterday morning and the snowflakes were falling down in chunks... and I looked across the oval and for the first time I was like "wow... it's actually really pretty" cause I'm usually too tired of trudging through the snow to notice. But yay, take in God's beauty once in awhile :)

"Some nights alone he thinks of her. And some nights alone... she thinks of him. Some nights these thoughts occur at the same moment. And Ray and Mirabelle are connected without ever knowing it. But Mirabelle, now feeling the warmth of her first reciprocal love has broken away from him. And as Jeremy offers her more of his heart, Mirabelle offers equal parts of herself in return. One night, sooner than she would have liked, which made it irresistible... they make love for the second time in 14 months. At this point, Jeremy surpasses Ray Porter as a lover of Mirabelle... because what he offers her is tender... and true." - Ray Porter in Shopgirl

EDIT (7:00pm):
1. What is your prefered type of candy?
I like sour things. I'm not a hard candy person... although I do like some jolly ranchers... but my favorite candy by far are sour keys and cherry blasters (both only found in Canada... oh how I miss the motherland! :( )

2. What is your favorite meal?
I love anything with roasted veggies... and bbq pineapple... and I like tomatoes... sushi is amazing too. Dangit, don't ask a growing foodie what her favorite meal is! Its everything! Everything delicious of course... ;)

3. If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
anything my mother makes... or sushi. yummm :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The snowflakes are as big as my head right now!

days like this make me happy to stay inside, cuddle with a blanket, and watch a movie.

and yay no work! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I can't relate.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

it would be cloudy today. I got my bike back from roll today and i am so happy its warm enough for a ride out away from campus. My bike was in for it's check up... I can't really tell a difference from before i brought it in, but the brakes are working a little better... and maybe because it's still icy out in some certain areas. Its getting to me, how crowded it is and how cold the weather has been. I definitely cannot wait for the first time I will be able to wear just a tshirt and jeans outside with some flip flops. Anyway, I just rode down neil ave. and back to look at all the houses in the Victorian Village. I wish I was able to afford the houses down there. 2 bedrooms are around the 800-900 dollar range and I just can't afford that... sharing a room even! Ugh.

I think I'm becoming my dad... I want to get more bikes and start collecting them... I just freaking love bikes. I want a cruiser, and fixie, and a mountain bike that i can take on trails. I have this cruiser/mountain bike mix right now but with the shock absorbers... its more of a city bike to just take me around.

But yea.. my mind. Its been cloudly lately. Just a blur and it's been fatigued out of it's mind. That doesn't make sense. Either way, I feel like my brain is about to quit on me. This is the quarter from hell and I cannot wait for the next three weeks to pass so I can start on relaxing a little bit during spring break. Then taking a smooth 18 hours for spring quarter... hopefully that won't kill me like these past 20. I honestly will avoid taking 20 hours again at all costs... especially during winter time where i feel half as motivated to go to class. meh.

speaking of class... I have two exams to study for that I shouldn't be procrastinating on. no fun for me this weekend.

save meeeeeee.


1. Which open-all-night establishment has been a lifesaver for you?
I've spent many a night at taco-bell or steak n shake. Taco bell never turns out to be a super great choice in the end though!

2. What open-all-night establishment is closest to where you live?
Taco-hut... its a pizza hut and taco bell put together. Only two blocks away on High Street.

3. What nonexistent open-all-night establishment could you really use in your life?
the gym. haha!

4. Which open-all-night establishment in your town is least likely ever to see your patronage in the wee hours of the morning?
I live in a college town... I don't think we ever sleep... so no where. Everywhere is always full.

5. Have you ever purchased anything advertised on television late, late at night?
nooooo way. i don't really buy into those things...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm going to start writing an entry a week to a friend that I admire and really appreciate in my life. I've just been thinking about my friends and how much I am blessed to have them in my life. It may be a few sentences, it may be pages... doesn't matter though because they all are amazing people to me. I think they all deserve thank you letters in their life and know that they're appreciated.

This week I'm starting with my friend Allie Morris.

Dear Allie,

I met you under the worst circumstances possible. Zach had passed away and we were both incredibly sad, disappointed, and in shock. I remember everything about that day and about you. I remember how you hugged me really hard at his memorial service and you had just met me in the last few hours beforehand. It was a hug that needed as much comfort as I did and it was a hug that felt like group huge. Just an authentic embrace. A real genuine hug. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those, I don't really get enough of them.

You are so beautiful and I am so blessed to be your friend and now your big sister. We talk less than we should but I love being updated about everything in your life. I like how you are younger than me, but definitely put a check on me sometimes. You are an amazing woman of God, an extremely talented photographer and artist, and you are a wonderful sister. I am so proud of you for getting into SCAD... and freaking jealous! I wanted to go so bad! haha! But I am so glad that you decided against ohio state (was it even an option besides for obvious reasons? *ahem ME ahem*) because I know that down in Georgia, you're going to be pursuing your dreams.

I am so thrilled to see you grow up into YOURSELF and no one else. You are worth everything and you are worthy of everything. I don't want anyone telling you different and you believing them... because you know better. I'm in love with how strong you are, how you pursue happiness through bad times, and how much you love on your friends and family around you. I am glad that you found an awesome boy as well (but if he breaks your heart, I break his face... okay?) through all the crappy ones we've talked about. Ha! I'm still searching for someone for me.

I cannot wait to see you graduate. I remember you being worried about it because you thought you'd never be able to compare... and now you're going to one of the best art school in the country. May 31st, I will be there to see you walk and finish high school. I love you so much and appreciate you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being a sister when I feel like I don't have one. Thank you for everything and teaching me to look for stuff that was plain under my nose but couldn't see... because I didn't look hard enough... or was too stubborn to look at. You are a beautiful woman of God. I've stated that before but it's because its true. God loves you with all he has... which is everything. Everything is a gift on this earth from our Creator and he loves you so much. Don't believe me? Read Song of Songs.

Keep pursuing Him because it gets hard in college and life starts to get in the way. It'll keep you sane, trust me. Take pictures of everything you can and enjoy your life. I look at your pictures and I just think of how wonderful your life is, despite any bad moments. You are great and i just plain appreciate your friendship and family. Zach is still and always be in our lives and I am so happy that I have met you through him. Without him i would of not acquired such a beautiful and wonderful sister. Thank you Allie :)

Your Big Sister,

...on saturday. whatever :)

taken from
1. When did you last use graphing paper?
probably freshman year or highschool. Funny cause I love graph paper to draw on. it gives it a geeky look that looks really sweet.

2. When did you last use a highlighter?
Yesterday. welcome to college.

3. When did you last cover a book?
Uh, senior in highschool or junior even. its been awhile! they don't care anymore cause you're buying the books that are gonna be dated the next quarter! boo ohio state!

4. When did you last wear an apron or smock?
long time. I want to get one though for the Kitchen. Freaking love cooking.. hate getting my clothes all messed up with yummy food.

5. When did you last use glue?
Like 5 minutes ago to glue a picture into my journal. :-D

Friday, February 8, 2008

If you haven't seen bigger pictures of me... here i am! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been slacking a whole ton... not on purpose... I just get so tired that my brain feels like its putty oozing out of my ears when I am reading my homework. But at the same time, life is pretty good right now. Things aren't really going wrong and I really realized how awesome my friends are due to a comment that was made by a new friend of mine. He said that my friends are really awesome... and I was like.. Yea... YEA they ARE! haha.

Can we saw off some of the United states so that Ohio can have a beach? K Thanks. I'm kind of tired of this weather.

Sorry I'm absent from this blog... I need to start updating it more. I'll get more organized and I'll finally do everything I was planning to do. Take care for tonight. :)

life is good. and I'll leave you with uber cuteness... :)

enjoooy! :)

"You may say to yourself, "My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me." But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth." - Deuteronomy 8:17-18a