Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm feeling frazzled.

to do:
- french homework (at least 10 workbook pages by tomorrow) DONE!
- Assignment for Recitation on Thursday. DONE!
- Group Design Project due Thursday DONE!
- Start my 8 page research paper
- interview discriminated people (ugh, don't ask)
- make a profile about those people for comm221
- make study guide for comm460
- read design thinking article & write about it
- chapter 8 french for extra credit (I need it)

and all by next week. blaaahhh.

exactly 2 weeks until I am home free. :)

and I've been on a Polish music kick as of late. just giving you a little taste of the motherland :)

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pegleghippie said...

dawkins book is very good, and largely unassailable in terms of challenging his evidence. The only appropriate response I've seen from believers is to say that they know what the scientific view is, but they choose to believe anyway for themselves.

Also, don't ever think of a book as 'dangerous material.' Be more wary of people who tell you that certain books or pieces of art are dangerous.