Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am 20 years old. I know that I do not know everything nor will I learn everything there is to know. What I do hate is people acting as if they know everything already without learning a little bit themselves from the people around them.

I have a teacher who is basically my age... maybe add on about 3 or 4 years. She looks like a like a little punk with a nose ring and a lip ring and her next tattoo showing. Okay, so I'm all for those types of things in general. I love tattoos and I love piercings... but not on my educator. I feel as if I have not been learning anything in this class. I have gotten a few bad grades... one on peer editing! I edited someone's paper... and got a D on the editor's paper! How! I am so confused. Either way, I feel it has been sort of rocky since one of her absences and I feel very lost. I've asked for her help and while she has given it to me, there does not seem to be any kindness or willingness in her tone or voice to help me. I feel like a burden in that class. She has laughed at a student that has asked a question before as if something completely stupid was asked, when in fact it was not and about 75 percent of the class was wondering the exact same thing.

You can't win at everything. But this day, even though beautiful outside, has been anarchic towards me. Nothing is working the way I wanted to. I mean even my eggs! They were bad to me too! I couldn't separate the yolks from the whites for some odd reason.... and so I had to eat the yucky yolk. :( Good burrito nonetheless. :)

25 school days until Ohio State is out for the summer for me. Ohhhhh JOY!!!!

:) and here is something good for the day... makes me feel horrible for eating eggs though.

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