Tuesday, December 18, 2007

*Now this post is not aimed towards any specific person... so no worries mates :)*

So as I have been talking more with my friends, I have noticed that a lot of them have said that many people have felt intimidated by me at first impression. The more I look at the situation, the more I can agree and see what they mean. First, the most obvious thing is that I am a six foot tall girl. I also am not shy, I am not delicate, and I'm pretty vibrant. Even when I am docile and a little quiet, I have a stoic expression on my face that isn't easily approached.

My apologies.

So to all people, please approach me. No wonder I had few friends in highschool... people were intimidated. I'm really not that bad. I'm just like a normal person that wants friends and wants to be happy. My life is not perfect just like yours. My life is good sometimes... just like yours. I'm a normal girl.

And this post is mainly written for guys. Okay, I'm decent looking. I know it and I won't be fishing for compliments saying oh no i'm not! Cause.. whatever. But guys... don't think that you don't have a chance at all with me. I probably think the same of you guys sometimes. I've had guys saying "Oh you would never date someone like me," How do you know? Do you guys seriously think that I base my dating standards on looks first? Sure physical attraction is wonderful but PUH-LEEEASE... Personality is so much more important. What good is a partner if you can't even relate to them? I don't want a doormat that looks pretty on my front step or a good accessory, I want a guy who is a partner.

You guys never give me a chance. If you do, its all in good fun and temporary. How am I supposed to give you a chance if you won't even give me one? Its frustrating because a lot of guys I have liked in the past have told me they felt the same way the same time I did... just not anymore. I'm totally fine without a relationship but I would love a guy to have the balls to pursue me like a real man. Psh. I don't know... i mean if you like a person get to know them. How are you going to get to know them or know that you want to be with them if you're scared of talking about stuff like that?

a. don't be scared.
b. give me a chance to get to know you...
c. ...and then we'll both decide if we're right for each other.

understand? I sure hope so. so please guys... brush up on that confidence that makes you so much more attractive. ;)


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