Friday, December 21, 2007

This year, I will not...

beat myself up about my weight or looks I will do my best to eat healthy and exercise for health. I have to accept the fact that I am a bigger boned girl and I will never be like those girls in the magazines. My looks are not who I am. It is a fun way to express yourself but just because someone seems prettier than me or more beautiful does not mean that they are perfect. No one is.

buy cheap underwear! 'nuff said.

buy impulsively or emotionally Its a bad sign when people are spending money as if it were as multiple in their hands as the germs that are actually living on those hands. I promise to myself that I will spend my money wisely on stuff that will last awhile and was made with care... which brings me to my next unresolution...

buy stuff that was made with conflict I promise to make more of an impact on our Earth's greenness and make sure most of (if not all) of my stuff was made organically, homemade, cruelty-free, etc. to be one more person that is striving to make a difference instead of being indifferent.

take my friends for granted They have stuck by me for a reason. There is a reason why they are attracted to being my friend and I have to make sure I share the same interest and gratitude towards them as they have to me.

Be indifferent to learning about stuff that will help me in the future ... but just not realize it until too late. I promise to myself to learn about good credit, how to look for houses, how to stock market works, where my food is coming from, which politicians will benefit us, international affairs, how to fix cars, etc. I will strive to be independent.

neglect my walk with Christ I have been having some trouble with that lately. "I'm so tired of having this stumble I've been calling a walk"

let my artistic talent go to waste I will not think i am not good enough. I am enough. It takes practice.

give guy jerks a chance once you cross me, you cross me. Don't take me for granted and don't treat me like dirt. Treat a lady like you're supposed to and how your mother taught you. You're not 5 years old on the playground anymore and you're not a horny teenager in highschool trying to score anymore.

neglect myself I will take proper care of myself. I used to take good care of my body before and pamper myself regularly and thought I have become vain... no, i was just taking care of myself. It'll up my confidence and make me feel good.

What are your UNresolutions for 2008?

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