Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And thats okay. My friend, Ryan, told me I was. haha, i bet he was joking. Either way, I was thinking that yea, some of the stuff i do is kind of considered weird. for example:

1. I don't only collect sunglasses cause I like them (p.s. a favorite pair of mine just got stolen during my 2 hour stay at the gym. ugh), but i also just like to wear them... all the time. I think its s security blanket going across campus. I don't say this to sound conceited... but a lot of people look at me. Sometimes it makes me feel like a freak-show so I just kind of put sunglasses on and hope to avoid people. It makes sense to me.

2. I don't like taking the first thing on the rack. I'll usually take the third. The first makes me nervous that other people might of shaken it/worn it/broke it, etc.

3. i write down everything I'm going to do.... not like super planning... but i write my to-do list like 3 times a day.. editing stuff. okay thats really OCD.

thats all i can think of right now. meeeehhh. brain fart.


really cool site!

truegreenconfessions.com people confess how they're saving the planet... or not. also go to other ones for some funny, sad, heartwarming, cruel, beautiful, etc. confessions. completely anonymous too.

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matt said...

Yeah, there's no way I'm taking the first thing on the rack. Ole Nelson Jackson before me could've had snot on his hands or something worse.