Monday, April 28, 2008

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I wonder if people really know what it means to go green? And when did consuming become activism? I don't know, I would think that using less waste and being more resourceful would be more "green." I would love to reduce my footprint on this Earth... I'm taking small steps towards it. I've stopped all my junkmail from reaching my apartment, i only drive my car to work and long distances where a bike wouldn't go, I don't eat which reduces animal waste, etc. I'm no saint that is for sure... but I do try. It is just funny when people have these shirts that say "peace now" or "go green" and there does not seem to be action behind it. I feel that there is a lot of other things besides environmental concerns that have that lack of support behind it.

The more and more I read about the Earth being destroyed, the more and more I get excited about having a house of my own. I read about collecting rainwater and making rain barrels for flowers, I can't wait to grow vegetables in a garden, I can't wait to have my own chickens so I dont ever have to buy eggs again (ha!), I just can't wait to breathe fresh air. I hope thats a kind of life I can have. Just enjoying what God gives me. I know I have a lot of stuff to take care of and learn before I can do that, but a girl can dream :)

Speaking of dreaming, I cannot wait for summer... because I often find myself blanking out in class thinking of the beach or just brilliant sunshine.

I finished about 100 surveys today for a comm class. UGH. one made me miss a person terribly when I saw their name. :(

Well now that I am done with homework... its time for some sleep. class tomorrow at 8:30. :(

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