Thursday, June 19, 2008

1. Have you made any life-style changes lately? If so, what are they? If not, are things fine the way they are, or would you like to change something?
I've begun to care a lot less of what people think of me. I'm trying to eat less bad food (junk food vegetarianism has caught up with me). I've begun to refuse to accept just settling. I would still love to change a lot of things but those come with time.

2. Do you believe in the institution of marriage? Why/why not?
I believe it is still possible. I would like nothing more than someone to love. To show that they are wanted. I watched the episode of Friends today that almost made me cry. The one with the proposal of Chandler and Monica. Its hard to watch people to in love with each other because its frightening.... I'm scared that I won't find that person and each guy seems to be another discouragement... but i definitely believe it is possible. I want that someone to know that they are wonderful and extraordinary and just perfect in my eyes. I definitely want to make that commitment.

3. How's life treating you these days?
It's summer and it is warm and beautiful. Not much can go wrong. I just remember that it's not that bad and things usually perk up a little bit. Life is beautiful y'know :) I would definitely feel more comfortable being somewhere else.... just getting away for a little while and forgetting who i am. I think everyone kind of needs that.

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