Saturday, June 21, 2008

I like these question things... so I'm going to keep doing them if you want something to read. :)

1. The other day I purchased gas for $3.96, which was less than the $4.37 my local station charges per gallon. What is the current gas price in your area for regular?
I filled up some of my tank today for $4.09 a gallon. YUCK. I remember when I first started driving with was around $1.60 a gallon and now its basically 3x or 4x as much.

2. Will your vacation plans be altered by the price of gas?
Probably. I would love to take a roadtrip somewhere and be able to be free and anonymous... but I feel like i have to work a ton more just to be able to pay for gas. Yuck. I should start riding my bike. I have a little more motivation now for riding ;)

3. Is there any movie this summer that you're looking forward to seeing?
I still need to see a ton more from the past... but I would love to see Mister Lonely, The Fall, and... Kung Fu Panda ;)

4. Gas prices aside, what is your favorite vacation destination?
Europe... which I am trying to make my way out to this summer... but its not working due to the lack of interest in a person subleasing my house :(

5. Will you watch more film on DVD than in theaters this summer?
Probably... or online :)

6. Will you fly anywhere this summer?
Hopefully Europe... then california... and I'll probably drive to new york for saranac summer staff.

7. Guess: How high will a gallon of gas peak at?

8. Will gas prices effect who you vote for in this fall's election?
I can't vote. I'm freaking canadian living in america

9. How much will the price of home heating oil effect you?
This is probably not a good survey to fill out with a headache... Our gas bill was almost $400 a month with the thermostat being 65 or below... soooo as long as my bills are below that with the heat higher up... I will be fine!

ENjoy some Xavier Rudd :)

4 Blurbs:

Mercedes said...

Someone else said $4.09 too. Sounds like you quite a few travel destinations in your near future-good for you! Bless you~you can't vote-that sucks!

Mine is posted here.

Happy Saturday!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Here's hoping that you get to Europe! Great Sat-9 answers. Enjoy your weekend...

Mimi Lenox said...

Riding a bike sounds like a great idea these days....Great answers.

I'm up HERE.

Trish @ Another Piece of the Puzzle said...

Kung Fu Panda is another one I want to see. My hubby and I were bummed when my son saw it with his preK class - we wanted to take him together!