Friday, October 26, 2007

.. so to all my guy friends who have started dating or having girlfriends... don't make me feel like one. I've had at least a few of my really good guy friends just STOP talking to me after they have gotten girlfriends. One of my friends has gotten engaged and I understand that his fiance might not like him talking to another girl... but I've talked to him WAY before they even started dating. He still sends me things on facebook or whatever but never picks up his phone, responds with one word answers in texts, etc. Its ridiculous. If you consider me your friend then you should sure as heck act like it. My other friend, I know he gets my texts because he texts other people that are around me.. but he never responds. I'm really good friends with his girlfriend who KNOWS we are just friends. Plus its a friggin' long distance friendship anyway... Theres no way that you would be able to cheat on your girlfriend even if you WANTED to. And not that I would even want to. I don't ruin relationships. I don't want anyone messing with the guys that I date... so why would I want to mess with your relationship with your girlfriend? Are you really thinking I am that selfish? Well dude, you're 150% wrong about that and please don't flatter yourself that much. I like you... but i don't "like-like" you. Psh, it just makes me tired because I've been left behind by so many friggin people. I don't need people ignoring me. If you don't want me to be your friend, then tell me... and I'll stop talking to you. God Forbid, you have another person caring about who you are and what you're up to. If you're worried about your girlfriend being uber jealous... then I understand... that your girlfriend can't handle you having friends. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. And please, don't be one of those people that are consumed by their relationship and have no friends after you guys end it. I want to be there if you're ever in trouble, but it sucks when I can't even reach you. Or even if I do, you don't have the integrity to even call me back or whatever. Grow some balls and get over yourself.

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A.P. said...

ahhhh I couldn't have written this better myself! I am currently going thru exactly the same thing. (However I did actually like this guy friend about a billion years ago- those feelings have long faded, but his current gf and sister don't believe me at all) so- I can definately relate to what you're going through. good luck!