Saturday, February 16, 2008

it would be cloudy today. I got my bike back from roll today and i am so happy its warm enough for a ride out away from campus. My bike was in for it's check up... I can't really tell a difference from before i brought it in, but the brakes are working a little better... and maybe because it's still icy out in some certain areas. Its getting to me, how crowded it is and how cold the weather has been. I definitely cannot wait for the first time I will be able to wear just a tshirt and jeans outside with some flip flops. Anyway, I just rode down neil ave. and back to look at all the houses in the Victorian Village. I wish I was able to afford the houses down there. 2 bedrooms are around the 800-900 dollar range and I just can't afford that... sharing a room even! Ugh.

I think I'm becoming my dad... I want to get more bikes and start collecting them... I just freaking love bikes. I want a cruiser, and fixie, and a mountain bike that i can take on trails. I have this cruiser/mountain bike mix right now but with the shock absorbers... its more of a city bike to just take me around.

But yea.. my mind. Its been cloudly lately. Just a blur and it's been fatigued out of it's mind. That doesn't make sense. Either way, I feel like my brain is about to quit on me. This is the quarter from hell and I cannot wait for the next three weeks to pass so I can start on relaxing a little bit during spring break. Then taking a smooth 18 hours for spring quarter... hopefully that won't kill me like these past 20. I honestly will avoid taking 20 hours again at all costs... especially during winter time where i feel half as motivated to go to class. meh.

speaking of class... I have two exams to study for that I shouldn't be procrastinating on. no fun for me this weekend.

save meeeeeee.


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