Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time to write another thank you :)

photo (that I cropped a teensy bit) by rae barnes


Summer of 2005 is when I met you in the Kitchen of Saranac Village and I was just so excited and drawn in by your lively personality and your enthusiasm. I mean you were so excited to be showing us all the different parts of the kitchen and I was, at first, not excited I was going to be cooking for a whole month... Now I would die without cooking a good meal... who knew!

But I honestly appreciate you a ton. I feel like you are an incredibly old soul but you're so ready to move onto good, new, and way better things. I'm really stoked for you that you've moved and you're just not afraid of what God is going to put in your hands. I see a guy that is just totally confident in what God is providing and promising. I am bummed that I cannot visit you and see you for the first time in, what is it? Two years? Way too long! I love our phone conversations and how you totally help me through my doubts. You are a saving grace sometimes when I am feeling down. We'll totally hang out in Wilmington soon and try to surf and just be total beach bums. I totally think that is our calling, my friend! :)

But I want to thank you for being my friend and keeping in contact with me since my work crew session has ended. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend and I am so glad that I can relate to you and you to me. You definitely encourage me to learn more about our Creator and to learn more about the world. If I ever want to read something new, recommend a new read, or most of the time ask what to read and what to learn.. you definitely have an answer. I love that you don't think I am a huge nerd for reading! I mean you can't, you kinda went to school for that. haha! But yea, you're awesome and I thank God for you being in my life. You're sweet... you're a sweetHEART... you're talented and just an amazing friend. Thanks so much, you're awesome :)


P.S. to any readers, check out rae's website (its the website under brett's picture)! She is a wonderful girlie I met this past summer through one of my summer staff bosses, Chris (Rae is Chris's wifey :P) and her photography is just as wonderful! I mean who doesn't like seeing pictures of people captured being in love! :} Barnes is based in the Adirondack Region of New York... so if you know of people getting married or you're getting married... contact her! she's so creative!! GO GO GO!

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Juls said...

Hii, thank you for stopping by my blog.


A.P. said...

love the new posts idea! i'm sure these people really appreciate reading something so positive :)

and i LOVE the new layout. i'm needing a change myself, but don't have the time quite yet to do anything.