Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm going to start writing an entry a week to a friend that I admire and really appreciate in my life. I've just been thinking about my friends and how much I am blessed to have them in my life. It may be a few sentences, it may be pages... doesn't matter though because they all are amazing people to me. I think they all deserve thank you letters in their life and know that they're appreciated.

This week I'm starting with my friend Allie Morris.

Dear Allie,

I met you under the worst circumstances possible. Zach had passed away and we were both incredibly sad, disappointed, and in shock. I remember everything about that day and about you. I remember how you hugged me really hard at his memorial service and you had just met me in the last few hours beforehand. It was a hug that needed as much comfort as I did and it was a hug that felt like group huge. Just an authentic embrace. A real genuine hug. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate those, I don't really get enough of them.

You are so beautiful and I am so blessed to be your friend and now your big sister. We talk less than we should but I love being updated about everything in your life. I like how you are younger than me, but definitely put a check on me sometimes. You are an amazing woman of God, an extremely talented photographer and artist, and you are a wonderful sister. I am so proud of you for getting into SCAD... and freaking jealous! I wanted to go so bad! haha! But I am so glad that you decided against ohio state (was it even an option besides for obvious reasons? *ahem ME ahem*) because I know that down in Georgia, you're going to be pursuing your dreams.

I am so thrilled to see you grow up into YOURSELF and no one else. You are worth everything and you are worthy of everything. I don't want anyone telling you different and you believing them... because you know better. I'm in love with how strong you are, how you pursue happiness through bad times, and how much you love on your friends and family around you. I am glad that you found an awesome boy as well (but if he breaks your heart, I break his face... okay?) through all the crappy ones we've talked about. Ha! I'm still searching for someone for me.

I cannot wait to see you graduate. I remember you being worried about it because you thought you'd never be able to compare... and now you're going to one of the best art school in the country. May 31st, I will be there to see you walk and finish high school. I love you so much and appreciate you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being a sister when I feel like I don't have one. Thank you for everything and teaching me to look for stuff that was plain under my nose but couldn't see... because I didn't look hard enough... or was too stubborn to look at. You are a beautiful woman of God. I've stated that before but it's because its true. God loves you with all he has... which is everything. Everything is a gift on this earth from our Creator and he loves you so much. Don't believe me? Read Song of Songs.

Keep pursuing Him because it gets hard in college and life starts to get in the way. It'll keep you sane, trust me. Take pictures of everything you can and enjoy your life. I look at your pictures and I just think of how wonderful your life is, despite any bad moments. You are great and i just plain appreciate your friendship and family. Zach is still and always be in our lives and I am so happy that I have met you through him. Without him i would of not acquired such a beautiful and wonderful sister. Thank you Allie :)

Your Big Sister,

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This is a really great idea!