Sunday, March 23, 2008

1. The sunshine and breeze that you feel on your face is not going to give you a windburn that cracks your face off.
2. flip flops. sandals. itty bitty ballet flats. HELLO! you get to wear cute shoes.
3. The smell of greeness. of mulch. of flowers (lilies are my favorite... so to anyone that wants brownie points with me... ahem) mmmmm so good.
4. The birds singing, it makes me smile :)
5. the oval during Spring Quarter at OSU. Okay, so I don't like the hundreds of bikini clad girls.... but throwing a frisbee on the oval is good fun
6. No more running mascara cause I rode my bike in -15 degree weather to get to class on time! I can ride it while enjoying the breeze!
7. Leaving for class a half hour to an hour early with a blanket to lay on because you know if you go through the oval (which you will if you go to class) you're going to see your friends and want to hang out with them.
8. Baby animals during the spring. The mirror lake ducks have like 945349285943243985423 babies that follow them everywhere and then there is "single-with-cute-puppy-to-attract-half-naked-cooing-girls" guy. FYI guys with puppies, none of the girls are really interested in you. They just want to play with the dog.
9. Gallery Hops in the Short North, so much more enjoyable when its warm out!
10. finally... SOME consistency. With winter... you get like 20 inches of snow one day and then its 70 degrees the next. with spring it's either sunny or rainy... but warm!

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