Friday, March 21, 2008

... Okay so I do not live completely alone. I have three other roommates, but they are all gone on spring break!!! Sigh, I'm so jealous of them vacationing while I have to work in Columbus... boo. But I get the house to myself! Even if its just for a few days! Yipee! Don't lie people, if you have roommates, you secretly are gleeful when you have the entire crib to yourself! Here are some of the reasons I'm excited to have a place of my own someday (although, I will miss the constant company I have had the past three years... but people will always be welcome to come over!).

1. Not doing to dishes right away. I usually hate dirty dishes in the sink... but with no roomies, I don't feel obligated to clean them up asap. hehe
2. not having to close the bathroom door to do your business. ha! Sometimes i have to pee so bad that I can't be bothered with closing and locking the door so no one walks in on me. Women look so miserable and vulnerable squatting on the toilet. :P
3. Blasting my music. Okay I do that anyway to piss off our noisy neighbors next door... but I rather like having my music sounding all through the house without actually taking it downstairs.
4. Vegging on the couch and watching tv without worrying if I'll disturb precious college study time
5. walking around in your skivvies or less... yea, i said it. you enjoy it too! i mean, you're freaking free as a bird! :)

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matt said...

I pretty much do that anyway when the roommate is home. If he doesn't like hearing me pee then he can cover his ears. Ok, well that was a little gross but you started it.