Tuesday, March 25, 2008

(If thats even in my future, let's pray that it's a possibility :) cause I want someone to shower with tlc and don't have to have an excuse to do it!) ... So if it is... this is what i want to accomplish beforehand

1. Travel for awhile and visit all my friends that I have not seen in awhile. I have a lot of cool friends just living out of the America or within the states.... but about 3 or so states away... so needless to say I don't see them often.
2. Have my art in a gallery. Doesn't have to be dedicated to just me, although that would be nice. I need to perfect my techniques and really churn out some good pieces. I'm my biggest handicap... I need to actually start producing pieces again.
3. Start writing a book or compiling my journals to create some story about me, or a character like me. I don't know. I feel different than a lot of people and if people saw excerpts from my journal... maybe I would be able to find people to relate to.
4. Learn to wakeboard... well. :)
5. Learn guitar and learn to songwrite.
6. buy something to completely spoil myself and not worry about if it is going to affect my joint checking account or upset my spouse. :)
7. Take a road-trip/beach-trip/any-kind-of-lets-get-outta-here-trip with friends.
8. Make one large mistake and learn from it. I don't know what. I just know that God has stuff planned for me and I'm just kind of sitting here twiddling my thumbs and living it out... I always learn from what He hands to me.
9. Make a documentary out of that trip in number 7.
10. buy my first house/apartment.

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matt said...

My number 9 was actually pretty sweet! Who knew this idiot could make a dvd. The longest part was actually mailing to the friends. Where's a post office?...I just bought some art from a local artist and couldn't feel more proud of myself for it. Helping starving artists.