Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I have considered myself a vegetarian for about 5-6 years now... I had begun to forget what my reasoning was behind my decision to stop eating meat. I remember I stopped due to animals rights. I found this one quote where vegetarianism is a form of saving those who cannot save themselves. I agree.

So, I have this vegetarian speech I have to give to my class next week and I chose that topic because I thought it would be easy-peasy and go over without a bump, hump, or pebble along the way. How wrong I was. I remember how I was so passionate about it before and now I have become kind of apathetic towards it. As much of a growing foodie I am, I am still not taking into consideration how much went into my food. I would not be able to argue my case effectively if provoked. I've just seemed to become that person who is a vegetarian "because," and not because of any other reason. I sometimes have been scared to say "animal rights brought me to my diet" when people ask because I'm scared of being mocked. I freaking need to grow a backbone. Animal rights is what brought me to my diet people.

What made me fired up again was a website I was surfing for my project. They had pictures that no one could make up or photoshop. Cows with injected udders so big, they could not walk correctly and ended up with their own feces on their udders because it projected so far out. Chickens with their beaks soldered off to prevent them from pecking each other to death, but then preventing them from pecking at their food as well... thus making them starve slowly to death. By then slaughter is merciful and a God send. Pigs caged in by bars so they could not move... to make them more tender. How thoughtful. What made me really sick, as a extreme advocate of riding and horses, I was so saddened how mares (female horses over four years of age) are impregnated to make Premarin and have their foals used as a delicacy. Ugh, the pictures are too graphic for me to post.

Cruelty like this does not only extend to livestock but your pets as well. Cats, well this one was a kitten, are burned alive (don't believe me, go here. I literally cried at my desk for like a half hour yesterday), dogs are eaten and beaten by rods, rabbits are tested on for skin irritation tests, and animals like foxes and raccoon dogs are skinned ALIVE. F CKING ALIVE. They still STRUGGLE to live and get away as their face is RIPPED OFF and their SKIN is TORN for their precious fur. The most violent thoughts come into my head when seeing these people that kill these animals. I just want to hurt them so badly for inflicting violence upon something that cannot protect itself. Do their sounds of agony not disturb them? Their last attempts and efforts to struggle up onto their feet? People making me sick. I was thinking the other day, "wow humans ruin everything," and then I realized I am human too.

I hate our species.

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel." is what Proverbs 12:10 says. A lot of my Christian friends say that animals were given to us to be eaten. Yes but not beaten and tortured to that extent. I honestly do no know how you can say you have compassion and love everything and everything when you are in your faith. It pisses me off. Yea I have compassion.... as long as its only my pet. F ck you on that note. seriously. Its about the only time I'll really be angry with you. This topic goes onto so many others but I just don't understand people.

"[...] Because I try not to judge, but I really don't understand the notion of a pro-capitalist, pro-death penalty, pro-war Christian. To me, that just seems like a vegetarian who eats a burger." - Moby May 2006 Relevant

I'm all fired up again. I think this speech is what I needed.

Oops. Maybe I shouldn't of posted those. Maybe I did.

What Now?
>> GoVeg.com has great resources, recipes, and even a vegetarian starter kit to get you thinking about a vegetarian diet.
>> All-creatures.org shows the insane cruelty shown upon the creatures on the earth. Doesn't extend to just livestock. Theres mice, rabbits, orcas, dogs, and cats as well.
>> happycow.net shows different vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurants around the whole world!

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