Tuesday, November 6, 2007

... and guys... you're not supplying the love. I don't know what this epidemic is with reeeeeeally tall guys dating really TEENSY little girls. I'm six feet tall and have been since i was about 13 (I'm 20 now) and I cannot tell you how hard it is to find a guy that is taller than you and interested. My first kiss was a guy who was 5'7" so i'm not biased towards one height or the other. I don't settle ... don't get that idea... and I didnt just date a short guy or whoever because they were available. I dated them because of the person they were. I know that I'm writing a post on how its weird that tall guys date really short girls... but yea, its just something I've noticed. A lot of tall guys I know prefer teeny girls, I don't know why really. Maybe someone will enlighten me. I mean if they're an awesome girl... then go for it. But hey, tall guys... LOOK UP NOT DOWN once in a little while! There are some pretty legit tall girls out there! I don't really like to limit myself to height because almost all the shorter guys I've dated were awesome and some (to most) are still my friends. And I mean I always see guys fawn over almost 6' supermodels or whatever and then I see them dating someone as tall as my pinky. What gives dude! Whatever, I just think a girl should not have to tip-toe or a guy become a hunchback just to get a peck on the lips or to give a hug. I'm just sayin... tall guys... you need to look up a little. It'd be great to find a tall guy who we can date and not compete with smaller girls just cause we're not "dainty" or "petite" enough... heck even "fun-sized" as some shorties like to call themselves. Its not our fault we're tall so give us a chance. ;)

Pssshhh anyway, watch this. water = very happy nathalie :)

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Anonymous said...

I've talked to a guy about this before (I'm only 5'1 so I'm one of the short girls they date, apologies haha) and it has something to do with feeling even taller/bigger. Makes them feel more manly or something. Weird.