Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've decided to get involved with NaBloPoMo which is "National Blog Posting Month"... you can click on the cat on your left to find out more. You just have to write for all 30 days of November.. I think I can do that. :) Plus, its just a good way to let others know how I'm just learning. Learning is probably my most favorite thing in life.

Scheduled today, no classes during winter quarter after 12:18pm! Bad part is that I have class at 8:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I remember taking early classes my freshman year and I vowed never to do it again... welp, that went down the tube.

I've never noticed how many bloggers and craft people have the coolest partners in crime... cats. I've seen so many cats in pictures and it makes me miss my Dinah so bad. She died this past May after having her for 13 years. She got some sort of cancer and passed away to Kitty Heaven :( I need to start volunteering at the cat shelter here again, since I'm not really capable of having my own kitty for awhile.

I'm going to start having some posting themes during the week... I'll think of them later... but right now I have to talk about a very old man with enormous wings in my comparative studies class. EXCITING!

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A.P. said...

I vowed never to take another night class again. In my last semester of my undergrad years- I find myself sitting in a politics class every Wednesday from 6-9pm. oh well. :)

thanks for commenting on my page :)