Thursday, November 8, 2007

Okay, so at first I didn't give these guys a chance but they are freaking hilarious! They just remind me and give me ideas for videos to create later. So enjoy the video! :)

I almost got myself scammed by some people who lack integrity. If my friends know me well enough, they know thats the thing that makes me the most mad. I hate it when people lack integrity. I think thats the only thing in the world I hate more than Satan. Ha! Some guys thought I was stupid enough to send them 1300 dollars. Heres the story: So my friend, Ian, is being stationed overseas and gave me back the beerpong table I made him 2 years ago for his 21st birthday because he just can't hold onto the big things he owns... cause he has no use for them. Anyway, I put it on (which is amazing still despite all the scammers) and got an offer for it. The guy seemed shady from the start because of his lack of correct spelling so i thought I was maybe dealing with someone foreign. My parents are foreign so they don't always spell things right in English so that was my reasoning. Second thing that was shady was that he never picked up his phone when I called by answered emails. Anyway, he sends me this cashier's check for $1500. WHAT?! I only offered the table for $200 and what he said was to deposit the check and send the rest of the money via Western Union to him in FLORIDA. WHAT?! First off, I listed the table in Columbus ONLY and second, it does NOT cost that much to ship something like that. If you can ship a 1000 dollar plasma television for under 100 bucks, you can certainly ship a table for that much. So Yea, i email the guys asking them what to do and I knew I was in trouble when they gave me a short impatient answer telling me that 200 of the check was mine and the rest was for the "shippers". So long story short, in their dreams I would of cashed a fake $1500 cashier's check thinking it was okay going to a western union the very same day to wire them $1300 for shipping. So in a few weeks, the fake cashier's check would bounce, I would be 1500 in debt to the bank, I would be getting into legal trouble/matters, and they would be sitting happy with the $1300 I never had in the first place. So I told them I'm not doing the transaction until the check clears (which means NEVER... END OF TRANSACTION LOSERS) because I don't want to be scammed... not to mention I gave them a nice little happy face to show them I'm not a freaking idiot. Needless to say, I have not gotten an answer back.

Canada - 1
America - 0


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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me on the facebook marketplace! As soon as I saw the check I told them that the item was already sold and ignored any further emails. Then three other people that must work for the same "company" sent me the exact emails for different items I was selling!