Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sicne I'm probably going to be busy on Thanksgiving Day, I decided to write what I'm thankful for now. Plus, being thankful shouldn't be something that only occurs on one day a year. Life is full of little surprises and little treats that make you be just that, thankful. So here are ten things that I've noticed this past year that have made me feel great to be alive.

1. Friends who are always there to talk to you, always there to bless your sneezes, to bake you cakes, to take stupid pictures during boring car rides with, to talk to you at 3 am when you cannot sleep, and to just relate.
2. No God, No Peace... Know God. Know Peace. I give the reason why I am still alive to God. I'm proud in my faith and I would love people to know the love and worth I have experience through my faith.
3. My hands that bring me through so many down periods of my life by just pouring my thoughts onto paper and making the scenery and landscapes that usually only exist in my mind become a reality.
4. My legs and feet that bring me one step closer everyday to what I'm working for. I can walk. I can run.
5. Zach Morris. Not the saved by the Bell character... but my beloved friend who passed away what will be two years ago on December 1, 2005. He was a real man and a real character. He knew what it was to be fully alive. I miss you, love you, and thank you so much for helping me through my days.
6. My co-coaches. They've helped me out of financial ruts. what a blessing. they've taught me patience and to have a backbone.
7. My family. We're not there for each other 100% of the time... but that makes me want to know them more and appreciate what they have done for me already. My mother is a beautiful dreamer, my father bears the intelligence that would rival Einstein, and my sister for being the crazy beautiful mess that she is and always uproots me when its desperately needed.
8. My Recent Awakening. Life is to be taken by the horns. Time to work on my bucket list.
9. Literature. Thank you for being my escape into a realm of dreams and wanted scenarios from teh harsh reality of people who do not understand.
10. Baz Luhrman's "Sunscreen Song" brings me up whenever I am feeling down. As cheesey and old as some people think it is... He states the truth. You never know what is going to happen in your life. Appreciate and kiss it now.

Hugs = great. I love this video. watch and enjoy :)

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