Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today we salute you, Mr./Ms. Buckeye Student. You, adorned in your buckeyes, teach us that there is no limit to the things you can do with nuts. Sure, your drunken shenanigans have been in every newspaper and magazine in the country, but you know that you were doing that on purpose. Where others attend college soley for a good education, you preach of true higher education. With a major at OSU, an automatic minor in leisure activities and drunkology. You preach of a world where it's okay for someone to get drunk at 7a.m. and pee in public. You ask "Why can't we have bars in the library, and have beer pong as a varsity sport?" So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, Mr./Ms. Buckeye Student, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT THERE ARE ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT 20 DEGREE WATER FEELS LIKE IN NOVEMBER!

Today is the Mirror Lake Jumper Inner's day of celebration for michigan week. it is currently...37 degrees out and is probably going to get a lot colder. I'm so pumped. Despite all the crap thats at the bottom and the water probably tainted with disease... its probably one of the most fun nights ever... Seriously, these kinds of traditions are why people want to go to a University like Ohio State.

I'll show you a youtube video of the chaos that ensues... SO PUMPED!

A couple I will offer the newbies of mirror lake jumping...
1.) Keep the bodypaint to a minimum, seriously. for your own good. When you jump in and it shoots into your eyes from the 2000 people that jumped into the water previously... its gonna burn your eyes.
2.) Get good old sneakers/water shoes/etc that will STAY PUT on your feet. You don't need to be contracting HIV from the broken glass/duck feces/mud living at the bottom
3.) Sing "We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan" as loud as you can for as long as you can.
4.) The more creative your outfit the better. Wear friggin anything and bring props. Floaties are a popular choice.

Above is proof of my stupidity amazing awesomeness last year in 2006 with some friends of mine. Notice my hatred for Michigan on my shirt. I can't believe they sold michigan shirts in columbus! Granted it was at a thrift store... but hey... And I know I'm not the biggest football fan... but I know that Michigan is NO GOOD. so if you're in columbus and one of the cool 5000 people that jump in every year... I'll be seeing you there!

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