Friday, November 2, 2007

This is where the magic happens. blogging, creativity, and lots of power napping... okay I'm lying about the lots of power napping. I'm lucky to have even a decent night's sleep. I'm some sort of an insomniac sometimes.

:: shrugs ::

But I gotta stop living like this. my room is super cozy. which I absolutely love. But its so friggin messy all the time! The only messy part I don't mind are all the coffee stains on my desk and my nightstand because those make me feel like I had been productive recently. I make about 8 cups of coffee a day and always drink it when I'm working on classwork... Getting all hyped up on the caffeine kiddies! But anyway, I have clothes... CLEAN clothes on the floor. Oh if only my momma could see me now. Bless her heart.

Let my dissect this above section of the room for you. On your far right is an old keyboard from the 90's... I don't know how to play piano. why is it there? Its serving a new purpose.. a folding table and clothes rack/pile. right next to it is a box I have not touched/unpacked since I have moved in and an amazingly beautiful Chinese chest that is hidden by yet more clothes.The sad cardboard box full of stuff I don't know what to do with.. so therefore, I have no idea what to do with the box. The corner that looks like a tsunami hit it is what the Deathstar is to Darth Vader (okay... I'm a nerd). A Desk... but its the Mothership if you will. All work, homework (well that sometimes migrates to the floor), email, IM, design, etc. is done there. There is a picture frame that has been empty for a year and my alarm clock is there so I actually have to get up from my bed to turn it off and wake myself up. it doesn't work because all i have to do is turn around and drop into my bed behind me. I have some inspiration up on the wall to go workout when I'm facebook too much... It works rarely as I drink my sugar-laden coffee there often. The colorful paintings were done by me in my senior year. I don't think I'll ever let go of them. They're my ladies. :)

Above... is the other side. My closet is the smallest one in the biggest room. Ironic... and I probably have the most clothes. The pink canvas is just there to take up space until I get an awesome poster of a big wave or something because I'm in love with the ocean ::heart flutters::. :) My vanity is below... caked with bronzing powder and other cosmetics. I need to clean that up. gross! The brown frame contains a poem my friend gave to me about one of my best friends passing away. I love it so much because it just reminds me of what I'm working for in this life. Next to the vanity is my cardboard storage area for all of my oils and acrylics. I need a shelf or something for sure. On the other side is my Ibanez Acoustic Electric Guitar... its firey and spicey looking. Like me ;)

Lastly, My bed and doorway. Lots of picture of friends and inspirational images of where I really want to go. Live in California or somewhere tropical. I'm too much of a beach bum to be landlocked. There is also a picture of Elvis Presley because I admit, if I were a horomon-ridden teenager when he was popular.. I'd probably go gaga over his hip shaking too. Except its fit not fat elvis up there. ;) My sad sleeping quarters are in the corner over to your right. Too much sleeping and not enough cuddle parties with my friends there. haha! booo. I almost keep that as another clothes hamper for clean clothes I'm too lazy to fold. I'm only to blame for all those wrinkles...

But hey I'm not really striving to be all that perfect anyway ;)

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becky said...

Your room is really cool! :D
And tidyness isn't bad, makes a room look lived in and loved :P Also, tidyness makes it hard to find things...but I think that's just an excuse for lazy people lol.

Becky @