Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm totally all about the humor in a relationship. I love it when a guy can make me laugh hardcore and just have fun with me. I don't like the nervous dates where you talk about stuff you're not even sure you should be talking about just yet. Haha, I just love the movies where the guy makes up funny songs for the girl on their guitars. Like adam sandler in the wedding singer and 50 first dates. The cuteness is freaking too much to bear in "Forgetful Lucy" even though he makes a ton of jokes that aren't really romantic at all in some parts. I'd totally date Adam Sandler just for the chance that he might right me a funny love song.

And even though this song gets worse and worse (and by worse I mean funnier) as it goes, When Bret sings to his girl in Flight of the Conchords wondering what she's into... you know. sexually. He brings it up in a song with Jemaine just singing in the background... makes the subject matter into something hilarious. you'll have to watch it:

But yea, funny songs are the shizznit. especially if someone you like is singing them to you. haha! Cause in all those funny songs you see the little things that the other person notices in who he wrote the song for. From something serious that she does to something really funny you can't really help but pick at it. Okay, I'm being a nerd. I'm going to go study for my French midterm. BAH!

P.S. if you haven't seen this show yet, you are seriously being deprived. Just letting you know... :P

P.P.S anyone else feeling the pressure of NaBloPoMo like me yet? EEP!

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