Sunday, November 11, 2007

1. I almost got scammed out of $1500
2. My car ran out of gas on the highway when I was going 80mph (oops) in the fast lane
3. the cars that were passing by didn't give a crap and zoomed past.
4. it was freezing rain/mist/wind... I intensely hate with the fire of a thousand suns "love" ohio weather.
5. The pacific ocean has found a new home at the bottom of my jeans because of how wet it is outside.
6. I found out a few friends I've had were never really there at all. Reminds me of that Elliot Smith song "Somebody I used to know," you should give it a listen.
7. I paid $18 for a gas can and just $6 for two gallons of gas. Does that even seem right? bleh.
8. I failed to finish over half of my practice exam for french. Not a huge deal but definitely a downer
9. My visa got declined at the gas station. Thank the Lord I had cash.
10. My bike has started to rattle and get squeaky when i used the brakes... oh and one of the brakes broke.
11. I got a parking ticket for $33 and then another one that got sent back to my hosue in dayton saying i never payed a ticket I got a month ago.. which I never recieved in the first place? ... So now they're giving me a fine for not paying the ticket I never got.
12. I missed my roomie's bday dinner b/c my hair appointment took forever. My hair looks fierce but I'm bummed about missing roommate time :\

I know I'm 1000x more lucky/blessed than a lot of people but it just sucks when everything just goes wrong at the same time. Its just frustrating and I wish I could be spending my time, energy, effort, and money on stuff thats worthwhile instead of stupid things.

I'm so tired right now. So I think I'm gonna clean up my bed (my room is messy yet again) and then go to bed. or something. maybe get some starbucks cause i have a gift card. yummm.

and watch this wideo by Barats and Bereta because it always makes me chuckle for like 15 minutes afterwards. :) Theres always something after crap that makes you cheer up just alittle.

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