Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its so quiet. I love it. For the first time in a couple of days I have no noise going on in my house. Right now I have everything done that I need to get done for school... well minus about 15-16 pages of French that I've procrastinated on... but I'm surprisingly not even worried about that right now. My room is finally (somewhat) clean. I cleaned the rug and so it actually looks fresh in here.

I wonder why we're so scared of silence. I hate it when no one talks for a long time and then some dipstick says "awwwwwkward!" It wasn't awkward until you said it. Thanks. But seriously, silence is good. We're filled with music and television allllll day. And people that you don't want to hear talking but you have to listen. There is noise everywhere and I'm so glad that I have silence right now. I put on some music earlier to calm me but then I just turned it off.... and it feels so much better.

I'm going to go through my itunes and weed out all the crappy music I don't listen to anymore or is just not my style.

I work 40 hours next week. Just what I need during finals week. :(

Check out this delightful video of Natalie Portman. I just love her voice and how beautiful she is. I really want to be her friend.

She talks about the five most beautiful non musical sounds to her and it got me thinking about what my favorites were.

1. I love the sound of the wind coming in through the window during the springtime. Having my window open makes me happy. I hate stale air and I just love how the breeze comes in and kind of whistles.
2. I love my friends' laughs. They all sound different and fit with each person's personality. I think my favorite is my friend Katie's. Its probably one of the most joyful sounding laughs I've ever heard. :)
3. This is musical but I love My mom singing the polish lullaby she always sang to me when I was little. I think this winter I'm going to record her singing it so I can play it when she's away. I'm 20 years old but I love having my mom cuddle with me and tuck me in. I hope I can offer the same amount of love to my children that she has shown me.
4. The sound of the ocean. I just love the seagulls, the crashing, the sun even seems to make a sound.
5. The sound of the coffee machine just blurbing and babbling when it makes my coffee. I freaking love coffee and it just tells me that its almost ready :)

Wow, that was actually a lot harder to think about than it seemed at first. I'm going to have to pay attention to a lot more stuff now. :)

alright, I gotta get to class. But I love you all. Have an amazing day

what are your favorite non-musical sounds?

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A.P. said...

sometimes (oh god is this weird) i gage how good of a friendship I have with people if I'm able to sit in complete silence with them and it's not awkward and neither of us feel the need to fill the space. hmmm.....